• Click and Connect

    Click and Connect

    Build an entire wall in no time

  • Solid Shelving

    Solid Shelving

    Choose from a variety of shelving options

  • Endless Possibility

    Endless Possibility

    Create a unique store with our Flexline system

  • Gondola Units

    Gondola Units

    No Wall. No problem. We have ready to use units.

New Products

Hockey Stick Displays

Hockey Stick Displays

Customers buy with their eyes. Our new hockey stick display was designed with that in mind. We have created a visually appealing display that will attract attention. More than that, we have included a healthy dose of innovative thinking to clearly separate this display from what you are probably accustomed to.

Practical, functional performance has been included in a number of ways. This high capacity merchandiser makes the very most of each square foot it covers. It can also be configured in other ways to best suit your requirements. It can even be put to good use as the seasons change. Innovation meets function right here.

Retail Sales Counter

Retail Sales Counter

The brand new Flexline Cash Desk System is a new modular design is sleek and innovative, offering many benefits to retailers. The Flexline Cash Desk System offers many adjustable components for stores to display their products in an organized and attractive fashion, creating new opportunities for increased revenues. The system offers features like integrated fabric panels, customizable metal frames, product hooks, and specialty shelves.