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Create an Impulse Purchase Area that Drives Sales with Flexline’s Q-Aisle

BMF Flexline

Let’s face it – many independent retailers don’t have the resources to create an innovative solution for every merchandising problem. That’s why the design team at BMF created the Flexline Q-Aisle, an attractive solution designed to display small items and drive those last minute, high-margin sales. The low height of the Q-Aisle allows you to maintain proper sightlines through the store, while specialized mini shelves optimize impulse merchandising.

Choose the configuration that works best for your store using the modular and customizable components!

With hockey season upon us, the Q-Aisle helps you create the perfect displays for:

  • Skate laces
  • Mouth guards
  • Water bottles
  • Pucks
  • Hockey balls
  • Local team wear
  • Headwear
  • Tape
  • Mini sticks
  • Sports Drinks

Easy to Build and Customize

The Flexline Q-Aisle ships flat and is quickly assembled with just one tool. With multiple panel options to create that custom look, you can refresh your retail space and change up your store with ease as well as expand or contract the walk-through areas with each changing season.

Check out how quick and easy it is to set up the Q-Aisle in this short video.

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