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BMF Retail Designs New Hockey Stick Rack

BMF Retail Designs New Hockey Stick Rack

Burlington, Canada – BMF Retail has launched a new and innovative design for hockey stick racks.

A unique rack design displays hockey sticks in a visually appealing way that attracts customer’s attention. The customized display rack is where innovation meets function. The rack saves space in retail stores while making it easier for customers to examine the products.

The display is quite different than what customers are used to seeing in stores. This alone will help to bring the customers eyes to the beautifully displayed assortment of hockey sticks. The design is also completely customizable. As the seasons and merchandise change, the rack can too. It also offers a full height adjustment, meaning it can accommodate junior sticks as well.

“We were using a common, double-sided stick rack that took up almost 16 feet of valuable floor space,” says Chris from Al’s Source for Sports. “We replaced it with a Gondola fitted with the Flexline hockey stick display attachments and consolidated the section to just 4 feet. What a difference in appeal and in savings.”

Some of the benefits include:

  • Maximizing floor space by loading hockey sticks efficiently
  • Merchandising by brand and model to optimize capacity
  • Full height adjustment
  • Increased mobility
  • Adaptable to Flexline and gondola fixtures

There is also a new rack design dedicated specifically to goalie sticks. The goalie rack differs from the regular stick rack because it is:

  • A single tier instead of triple tier
  • Single stacked
  • Able to fit any gondola floor rack or wall rack

The new designs are a result of the proprietary and versatile display system called Flexline. This system makes it easy for BMF Retail to overcome merchandising challenges effectively. Flexline parts can be modified without difficulty to create unique displays. Flexline showcases products in a clean, organized and eye-catching way.

BMF has been providing the retail industry with unique and innovative solutions for over ten years. Over the past two years, BMF has been working on special retail fixtures and projects. BMF offers retailers a complete store design, fixtures, and unique merchandising accessories.

For more information about the hockey stick rack design, Flexline or BMF Design, visit their webpages at:

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